Shuck, Eat and be Merry.

Oysters & New Years

Here at Merry Oysters we indulge in these briny bivalves year-round, but we think they taste better around the holidays.

Not only because oysters store up all their glycogen to prep for hibernation in the cold winter water {making them sweeter to slurp}, but because sharing them with loved ones gives us that warm fuzzy feeling. Though eating oysters in their natural state {raw, maybe with a little lemon} is preferred by most shellfish connoisseurs, there are many other masterful recipes. Grilled Oysters with Bourbon Barbecue Butter {or just butter and garlic}, Classic Oyster Stew, Broiled Oysters on the Half Shell, and Pan Fried Oysters... to name a few.

Oyster shells can also be recycled after use! If it's around Christmas, give the half shell a good scrub, drill a small hole by the hinge, tie a thin piece of rope or ribbon through the hole, and voilà you have yourself a Christmas ornament!

So whether you enjoy oysters all year, want to make them a Christmas tradition, or just want to ring in the New Year with a special treat, let us help you with all your oyster needs. Shuck, Eat, and be Merry.