where it all began.

Don's Start

Don Merry is a native of Duxbury, and has been growing oysters in Duxbury Bay since the late 1990s. After selling his fish market in Duxbury, Don helped start Island Creek Oysters alongside Skip Bennett and Christian Horne. As part of that effort, Don traveled the eastern seaboard as well as the rest of the country, knocking on kitchen doors and offering chefs a taste of Duxbury’s briny bivalves. With the farm-to-table movement taking off, and the quality of the local product, the Duxbury oyster farmers found a warm reception with discerning chefs in some of the finest restaurants in America.

Merry Oysters is an owner-operated, small production farm, so Don deals with a select number of chefs and focuses on getting them the product they need when they need it. Quality control and customer delight is paramount. Don oversees every aspect of the farm and his understanding of food safety is evident from his oyster lease to his delivery van. Merry is certified in Serve-Safe and is USDA HACCP certified for shellfish shipping and handling in the United States.

What makes Merry Oysters so special? Duxbury Bay’s unique tidal flow and cool waters that combine with high salinity to create the perfect growing environment for oysters. Recognized for their salty-sweet balance and clean finish, the Duxbury oyster has remarkable consistency of texture and taste throughout the four seasons. All Merry Oysters are raised and harvested on Don’s lease in Duxbury Bay, using solar power and sustainable, low impact practices. Don is committed to running a green farm and is continually working to improve his environmental footprint.