Our summer months are spent on a 40 ft. x 16 ft. floating ‘house’ that is primarily used for processing on the water. It accommodates a solar system structure that we use to help in processing. The float mainly contains Don’s machine among other gear needed for our daily grind. Long Point Marine is located on Duxbury Bay and handles marine services. Their expert team has put countless hours into the building and fine tuning of our float as well as our fleet of boats. In the winter months we have an off-water processing plant located in Duxbury. It is also the location of our HACCP certified shipping and refridgerated storage.


Merry Oysters’ fleet contains three different boats, the "little boat" and the "new boat" are both 22 ft. Bateaus. The "big boat" is a 25 ft. Bateau. The two 22's are used principally for harvesting. The 25 is used for transportation of oysters throughout their budding cycle. Our boats were built in North Carolina by Jones Brothers Marine and are powered by Yamaha 4 stroke outboard engines.


There are two vehicles we use to get us around town and beyond. A Toyota Tundra farm truck which is used principally for daily work. Pictured below is our Mercedes refrigerated van used to deliver oysters.


Merry owns close to 10,000 different size mesh grow bags that range in mesh size from 4 mm. to 6 mm. to 23 mm. Some firmly close with PVC pipe (pictured below) while others link with bungee and hooks.


There are 320 cages our farm uses to hold the different size mesh bags. The cages are 3 inch flat wire mesh built by Ketcham Traps in New Bedford, Ma., and are securely closed with bungee line and plastic hooks.